Namaste! नमस्ते (That's hello in Hindi!)

Aao,Hindi seekhen!आओ,हिंदी सीखें। (Come,let's learn Hindi.)

In Hindi Junction UK Geeta, offers Hindi Language lessons for students at all ages (Kids or Adults) and all levels – from beginners to advance. She also provides classes online, one to one or groups to students who wants to learn Hindi as Beginner or study Hindi as a foreign language or wants proficiency.

    There are several courses individuallyfor Kids and Adults:
  • For adults (Beginners, Pre Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced, Short Intensive, Corporate and Conversational Courses).
  • For Kids (Hindi level 1, Hindi level 2, Hindi Level 3, Hindi Level 4, Conversational Hindi with Knowledge of Indian culture)
  • The lesson can be a one to one lesson for better learning and understanding, online orgroup lesson which will be based on knowledge about the Indian Culture along with language skills. The lesson is designed to suit the needs and abilities of each and every individual. The lesson can be completely tailor made according to the wishes of the students.
    Before each lesson, the tutor prepares notes for students along with some question and answer exercise, translation exercise & script writing practice in order to give the student a better understanding of the language. The lesson will focus on listening and speaking for those not learning to write. For those who are keen on learning the script, it will focus on four aspects, listening (understanding), reading, writing and speaking.
    The language lessons will be tailored to your exact needs and objectives, making it a personal solution for you. Any questions or problems can be addressed immediately avoiding any scope of misunderstanding and allowing you to progress quickly and build on what you know.
    Geeta was born and brought up in India. She worked around 12 years as a Teacher in India and she moved to the United Kingdom in the year 2009. Apart from her knowledge and communication skills in Hindi it is her love for her country and the passion for this language which inspired her to share her knowledge with the world through teaching.
  • Contact Geeta to discuss about your needs and abilities in terms of learning the language. This provides every individual with a chance to get some knowledge on how to begin and where to begin.

About Me

Geeta Sharma, the founder of Hindi Junction UK, is PTLLS and TEFL qualified. She is a professional Hindi teacher and has been teaching Hindi for the last 20 years to students across Europe and INDIA. She possesses Mastersdegreeboth in Hindi as well as English Literature. She also has a Diploma in Education. She was a Topper in Higher Secondary school in India. She is very well qualified, professional and highly committed. She takes group classes in the Mary Ward Centre and individual classes all across London. Geeta is a go-to person for anything from grammar through to listening, reading, writing and speaking.

She prepares tailor made courses which involves interactive lessons, schemes of work, teaching materials as per individual needs.

She uses different course materials for kids and adults. Her students range from children from the age of five onwards, all the way to Detective, Inspectors, Metropolitan Police, Managers, Diplomats, Dance Teachers and even Actors.

About Hindi

Hindi is the world’s third language, in terms of the number of its speakers. Besides being the official language of many north Indian states, it is widely spoken throughout India as a link language. Hindi or Hindustani is the native language of most people living in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Rajasthan. Modern Standard Hindi is one of the official languages of India Hindi is very closely related to Urdu, from which it differs principally only in script and in higher vocabulary. Modern standard Hindi is the vehicle of an ever-growing body of writing and journalism, and has been taken far beyond its natural frontiers by the Hindi film industry(Bollywood). In its wider sense the name ‘Hindi’ embraces a number of the regional dialects of northern India, whose pre-modern literatures are particularly valuable sources for an understanding of north Indian Hinduism.

More information: Wikipedia.

Hindi Classes


  • A FREE evaluation session will be arranged to assess your language level, your goals, your desired class schedule.
  • Fee will vary according to the type of lesson\course chosen. Please contact us to discuss further


Our Students Say

Nikesh Patel

Geetaji's classes are concise, engaging and fun - perfect for someone who wants to get started with Hindi. Shukriya!

Phir milenge

Catherine Pinder

Geeta was a great teacher for our mixed group, who learned Hindi for business. She is a warm, friendly and reliable teacher. She adapted the curriculum to suit our needs, and frequent practice and repetition enabled us to reinforce the concepts we learned. Dhanyawaad!


I really enjoyed the Hindi course with Geeta at Mary Ward. The course is a good introduction to Hindi and I didn't need any prior knowledge. She gave me a good overview of the basics while I was there and soon had us chatting and writing simple stories and conversations in Hindi.

Maria Faundez

I did enjoy learning Hindi with Geeta Sharma last year. Her knowledge of the Hindi language is excellent and she takes joy in teaching it.

Geeta is a good and dedicated teacher who knows how to get the best out of her students by virtue of understanding their needs. She also has a kind and happy nature which makes her a lovely person to be around.


I have just completed Level 1 for Hindi beginners with Geeta – I learnt so much in a short space of time, Geeta was able to teach each lesson according to my level of understanding, which has given me the confidence to speak & communicate with others. After my course with Geeta, I felt equipped with reading & speaking hindi, Geeta makes learning a new language fun, whether you are a complete beginner, or simply want to brush up on your conversational/reading skills – Geeta’s teaching methods are wonderfully unique & tailored to your specific needs!

Phir milenge


These were the opening lines that I was taught on day 1 of punjabi by Mrs Geeta Sharma in January 2015 for level 1.

I will never forget my first day when we were told to stand in a circle, after only having learnt a few lines that morning we were asked to throw a toy to fellow classmates and the catcher would have to ask a question in punjabi! All being shy and nervous not knowing anyone we soon settled in.

My classes were once a month for three hours which were quite intense, but yet rewarding. We were a class of 8 including myself, and all of us bar one was of a punjabi background, the rest of us were from an English background who had partners who were punjabi.

The reading material that Geeta provided was easy to follow, but involved a lot of self learning and dedication. I found coming from a Mauritian French - creole background I was a little slower than some in my class grasping punjabi and quite often mixing the words around with Hindi!! However, Geeta as always remained patient and explained the structure of why some words were used and not others. I felt at ease to ask questions or even to email when needing a little help with my homework!

Coming towards the end of the year I had three days of assessments (speaking, listening writing), needless to say the immense encouragement and faith that Geeta had in us all went a long way. I certainly managed to achieve what I had set out to do and acquired a level 6 certificate. We were all nervous, yet we all came through in the end.

All in all Geeta is a fantastic tutor in not only punjabi but also Hindi. She is dedicated and remains resilient to students and seeks different ways to encourage and support students. I would highly recommend her and im disappointed that due to work commitments I was not able to do level 2, given the opportunity I would use Geeta as a tutor.

To hear that she now offers a Skype session to students (1-2-1 and groups) is fantastic as it creates more freedom and comfort. What better way to learn than being in your own home?


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